Timothy Pentecost, DDS - Eureka, California

Our Dental Practice

Is uniquely different from any dental practice you have ever experienced. Not simply because of the pleasant surroundings nor because of the highly skilled professional staff, nor even because of the high quality technical work we do.

Our practice is different because our mission is different. In today’s world you are offered many choices as to how dental health care will be delivered to you, the patient. You can choose an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), a PPO (A Preferred Provider Organization) or a CAP Program (A Capitation System). In all of these health delivery systems, you the patient, do not have a choice with regard to your treatment plan, you are not free to choose the dentist who attends to you, and normally you do not develop a significant relationship with either the dentist or the staff.

Our practice represents the 2-3% of dentists in the United States who have made a commitment to practice in a free environment. You are free to choose us or not. We are free to choose the best treatment plan that is consistent with your needs, wants and values. This is no idle, passive statement because we do not believe patients involved with HMOs, PPOs, and capitation systems are free. Normally they receive substandard treatment that does not involve the patient as part of the solution. The patient becomes the object of cure rather than participating in the prevention and curative phases of treatment.