The Staff

Hygiene Department

The hygienist employed in our office is licensed by the California State board of Dental Examiners. She participates in continuing education every year and has received advanced training and certification in preventive periodontal treatment. Our hygienist is dedicated to increasing her knowledge and professional skills, which results in a high level of professional diagnostic skills not routinely delivered by dental hygienists.

One member of our preventive team coordinates the recare appointments for the rest of the hygienists. This involves maintaining a master schedule for the entire year. In order to maintain control we attempt to appoint in advance through the use of reminder cards and letters. This service includes telephone contact to remind you of those important appointments.

Dental Assistants

The dental assistants are in integral part of our team. Each of them has come to us because they share our beliefs and values and are an integral part of the clinical team helping us deliver the highest quality of technical care that is possible.

In our office our assistants help us make your visits pleasant, before (by informing you completely of what will be done at each appointment), during (by assuring that any premedications, audio-analgesia, or other discomfort reducing procedures are planned with your restorative procedures), and after, by ensuring that you are comfortable after the treatment is completed.